Secrets of Strength

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Strength is a highly misunderstood concept. It’s often assumed that the stronger you are, the more you can do and achieve. However, strength is not about physical power or size. It’s about mental fortitude and resilience.

The the secrets of strength 1925 pdf is a book that was written in 1925. It talks about the physical and mental benefits of exercise, which are still relevant today.

The following is a link to Earle Liederman’s 1925 book, Strengthening Techniques.

Secrets of Strength

You’ll discover fascinating talks on subjects like innate vs. learned strength, the relevance of the nervous system, the role of the hands and wrists for strength, and more throughout the book.

In the words of Liederman,

“Almost anybody who really wants it may become strong; not just ordinary strong, but much stronger than the typical man, little or large. And it takes far less time to grow strong, to add size and power to your body, or to develop it, than it does to nurture the mind.”

It’s easy to forget that Liederman was born in 1886 when reading his book. In today’s realm of strength training, many of his ideas have been misrepresented as contemporary findings. As you’ll see, the process of gaining strength is far from new. Long before the advent of our contemporary supplement industry, men of the past accomplished incredible strength feats.

There is a lot to be learnt from the strong athletes who came before us, as is frequently the case.