Homemade Suspension Trainer

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A homemade suspension trainer is a great way to build strength, tone muscles and burn calories without the need for any equipment. The only thing you’ll need is some rope and a doorframe.

The diy rope suspension trainer is a homemade device that allows users to build their own suspension training system.

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The video below has been uploaded to the forum’s homemade equipment repository. You’ll discover directions for making a low-cost, long-lasting DIY suspension trainer in the video.

In recent years, these suspension training techniques have grown in popularity. The disadvantage has been the prohibitively high cost of purchasing one. This technique can come in useful if you’re looking for a DIY alternative.

Creating My Own

I decided to make my own suspension trainer after seeing this video. Because I already had a pair of 12 foot lashing straps, I just needed to buy one more. The price was quite low. I already have all of the other components. I’m thinking the total cost would have been about $15 if I had to buy everything fresh. If you can’t locate anything locally, Strapworks.com is a website that offers low-cost, high-quality straps.

I followed the guidelines given in the video above. However, I did make one little change to the foot handles. Because my lashing straps were too long (12 feet), I cut them down to 8 feet and used the excess length to make foot straps.

The following is a picture of the mid-point connection:

To attach the straps, I used the suggested bowline knot. I then wrapped each knot with a piece of Gorilla tape. If you’re not acquainted with the bowline knot, a simple Google search will provide many tutorials:

Knotted in a bowline

I’ve discovered that the top lashing strap is all I need to adjust the gadget to different heights. The bottom two straps are set at a constant length for me. The top strap’s length may be adjusted in a matter of seconds. My gadget is locked above, but it could easily be packed for a road trip.

This is one of the simplest pieces of equipment I’ve ever assembled. It took me less than ten minutes to finish.


Here’s a short video example of how to use it. This was the device’s first outing for me. There are certainly a plethora of workouts you can do with it. This morning, I simply filmed a few that came to mind. In the future, I’ll most likely add more. Dips, for example, were another thing that sprang to mind after recording. The gadget is definitely capable of supporting me through dips.

The suspension bar for trx is a homemade suspension trainer. It can be used by athletes, trainers, and other people who want to get in shape without the need of any expensive equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a suspension trainer?

You can make a suspension trainer by using a belt that is wide enough to fit the whole foot, and then attaching it to two poles on either end of the room.

How do you make a TRX?

The TRX is a suspension training tool that is used to strengthen the body, increase muscle tone, and improve balance. It is made of two handles with a loop on each handle.

Are suspension trainers worth it?

If youre looking for a good pair of workout shoes, they are.