Homemade Tornado Ball

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The tornado ball is a classic children’s toy, but it can be made at home. It’s an easy project that makes for a fun science experiment.

The medicine ball net is a homemade tornado ball that can be used for exercise. It is easy to make and does not require any tools.

A video demonstration of a handmade tornado ball is included in this article. This version, however, differs from many other handmade versions in that the ball is also built from scratch. Only the outer shell is included in many handmade tornado balls (not the actual ball).

Below is a link to a short PDF I prepared on DIY tornado ball possibilities many years ago (2003).

The basketball net on the ball below is the same as it was many years ago (seen within PDF file).

The only change is that I now have Gorilla Tape around the net. For extra protection, I used a whole roll of tape. This is a permanent gadget thanks to the tape. Â It is no longer possible to remove the ball.

I chose a permanent device since I was concerned about the outer shell’s protection. This handmade ball weighs 27.2 pounds, as you can see. This is much more substantial than most commercial models. With the increased weight, a robust outer covering is required to protect the ball.

The ball was created following the techniques described in this sticky about handmade equipment:

After that, I wrapped the basketball with tape. Initially, this was done to combat the slickness of what had become a worn-out handmade medicine ball. The original basketball’s outside grip had gotten a little slippery after a long period of usage. I used Gorilla Tape to cover the ball initially, then added a layer of athletic tape for a more grip-friendly surface. This white sports tape can be seen in the first photo.

An old trousers leg has been wrapped around a piece of pipe foam insulation to make the tornado ball handle. The pipe foam contributed to the handle’s thickness. I then put Gorilla Tape across the whole handle. The handle may alternatively be made of rope (and is obviously more convenient). I happened to have an old handle from a few years ago and decided to utilize it.

Why Put Effort Into Homemade Alternatives?

I already had a few other medicine balls, so I decided to turn the old one into a hefty (permanent) tornado ball.

The majority of commercial medicine balls are very pricey. The price of the ball rises even more when you add a rope to it. I acquired a 15 pound ball and rope for over $150 after a fast Google search. For many reasons, I like my 27-pound handmade model. Obviously, my ball was a fraction of the cost. A bag of sand weighing 50 pounds costs just a few bucks. When concentrating on sheer strength, the extra weight is also beneficial (although lighter balls can be useful for other exercises). The non-bounding character of the handmade ball, in my view, is perhaps the most significant advantage. With little rebound at the bottom, you can smash this ball as hard as humanly can. Swinging without fear of a leaping ball rebounding back into your face is what this implies. For slam/smash exercises, bounding medicine balls are ineffective since it is natural to ease up at the bottom to avoid getting struck in the face.

You may swing as hard as you want with a non-bounding handmade version. This gadget is also useful for people who want to swing a hefty sledgehammer but don’t have access to one. On virtually every gym floor, the tornado ball may be utilized. However, if feasible (to prevent harming the ball and/or floor), a matting surface is preferable.

Please see the following articles for additional information about sledgehammer training:

Tornado Ball vs. Sledge

Whether you already own a sledgehammer, you may be thinking if a tornado ball is necessary. Although the two instruments seem to be identical, each has its own personality. The tornado ball may be used for a variety of different workouts as well. Simply enter “tornado ball” into the Youtube search engine to discover a variety of rotating workouts that you wouldn’t be able to perform with a sledge (Youtube Tornado Ball).

When I train at other gyms that don’t have tires for our sledgehammers, I carry the tornado ball with me. The tornado ball may be used as a portable sledgehammer nearly everywhere.

In addition, individuals who are unable to locate a sledgehammer weighing more than 16 pounds will benefit from the tornado ball. Many hardware shops (for example, Home Depot) only offer hammers up to 16 pounds. The tornado ball is one alternative if you want to go heavier.

In conclusion, I believe both tools to be beneficial. We utilize the sledgehammer and tornado ball on a daily basis.

Demonstration Video

The downward smash is shown in this video.

The tornado in a bottle is a homemade tornado ball that is easy to make. It’s made from a plastic water bottle, toilet paper, and vinegar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a tornado ball?

A tornado ball is a type of juggling prop. The idea is to throw the ball up into the air and then catch it in your hand as it falls back down.

What is a tornado ball?

A tornado ball is a type of toy that spins around and makes a loud noise when it hits something.

How do you make a weighted ball at home?

You can use a combination of clay, sand, and water to make a weighted ball.