10 Best NBA Podcasts Every Fan Should Subscribe to in 2024

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If you are a huge fan of the NBA, you must be looking forward to getting updates about Basketball now and then. It is sometimes difficult for an NBA fan to keep up with what is happening in the basketball world. However, it is not impossible. Numerous podcasts available these days provide you with the latest news about your favorite sports. This article shares some of the best podcasts that every NBA fan must subscribe to and listen to in 2024.

1. No dunks

No dunks is one of the most famous NBA podcasts. The best part about this is that five friends run it, and they have been doing this amazing work since people were used to using iPods. It has completed approximately 3000 episodes by now. The five friends always make sure to provide the content timely. It is a great option if you want to know about the latest events.

2. All the smoke

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Another popular podcast on this list is “All The Smoke,” which is hosted by Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. Both of them are very well-known personalities. Everybody used to admire them for their honesty during their NBA career. They complement each other really well, which is why this podcast has received a lot of appreciation from the fans. They try to get the most out of their guests during the interviews on the show. If you subscribe to this show, you will get to know the opinion of various players on different subjects such as race and culture.

3. Spinsters

If you want to listen to a mix of current events news and long-form reporting, you should consider subscribing to Spinsters. You will get to hear many stories on this show that you will not hear anywhere else. They will tell you about cool stuff, such as the history of the NBA team’s uniforms. Give this podcast a shot if you want to try something different.

 4. Locked on podcast

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Here is another podcast that is loved by thousands of NBA fans. Apart from covering the entire league, it also focuses on covering every individual NBA team. This is indeed a great thing to do. Whether you want to learn about a specific team or the entire league, this is the podcast you need to listen to.

We all have hectic daily schedules, and keeping up with episodes with long durations is impossible. But the best part about the Locked on podcast is that their episodes are only half an hour, so you do not have to spend a lot of time getting the latest updates about your favorite sports. You can also check out The Mighty Buc to learn about the upcoming NBA events.

5. The Hoop Collective

If you are someone who loves to keep a balance between entertainment and knowledge, this must be an ideal NBA show for you. Brian Windhorst generally hosts it. However, sometimes Tim MacMohan and Jackie Macmullan also join him. We can say that this team is performing well on this show. They not only bring great insights about the NBA leagues and individual teams on their show but also entertain people. It is known as the most mature NBA podcast ever.

6. Open Floor Podcast

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Michael Pina and Ben Golliver host it. The chemistry between the two of them is amazing while they are hosting the show. The duo will provide you with an accurate analysis of the league. They will also tell you about a lot of other things that are happening in the league. You will not get bored while listening to this podcast. It would be like hearing two friends having an intelligent conversation.

7. The Bill Simmons Podcast

Even though the Bill Simmons podcast revolves around different topics, it remains to be the best NBA podcast. This show shows Simmons’ interest and appreciation for the NBA. He always keeps the interviews enjoyable, so the audience will not get bored. He has also launched a separate podcast named the Book of Basketball 2.0. This show is mainly focused on the history of the NBA. You should consider checking it out if you want to learn about the history of the NBA.

8. Road Trippin

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It is hosted by former NBA players and analyst Allie Clifton. Although it offers only basic knowledge of the NBA, it is a fun podcast to listen to. You will learn about different players’ perspectives through this show. The famous guests on this show include Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

9. Thinking Basketball

Thinking Basketball is the best podcast for people who want in-depth knowledge on different topics related to Basketball. The host of this show is Ben Taylor, and he makes sure to cover all those subjects in the show that are not covered by any other podcast. You will get to learn incredible things from this show. Ben Taylor covers every topic in detail. So if you are someone who wants intense analysis of NBA leagues, then you should consider subscribing to this podcast.

10. Over and Back

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This show is mainly focused on the history of the NBA. So it is great for people who want to know about the NBA’s history. The major topics covered in this show include the breakdown of games, eras, drafts, and players. It is a great platform to learn about the previous eras and the famous players of those eras.

To Sum Up

Every fan of the NBA desires to follow a podcast that will give them great insights about the league, players, and history. There are many different podcasts available on the web, but you want to pick the ones that suit your taste. Some tell you about the history of the NBA whereas some provide your detailed analysis of basketball leagues. Check out the list of top 10 NBA podcasts to select the best one for you.