Improve Hand-Eye Coordination By Juggling


Juggling is a physical activity that dates back to ancient times. It has been used as a form of meditation and stress relief, and is now being used in rehabilitation programs for people recovering from brain injuries.

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Between sets of lifting, one showed me juggling three baseballs, while the other showed me juggling racquetballs against a wall. I’ve had a lot of inquiries about juggling since I shared those short video. Many athletes have emailed me to inquire whether it’s a good idea for them to juggle and, if so, how they go about learning.

Coordination of the hands and eyes


“Hand-eye coordination refers to the coordinated regulation of eye and hand movement, as well as the processing of visual information to guide reaching and gripping, as well as the use of proprioception in the hands to direct the eyes.”

To begin, let me state unequivocally that I am not a juggling specialist. I’ve never juggle for more than a few minutes at a time. I started doing it a few years ago as a method to keep my hand-eye coordination in check. I wanted something I could accomplish anywhere without having to exert any physical effort. Juggling seemed to be the ideal solution. Back in 2007, I even published an essay on it.

You’re juggling your way to better performance.

I still follow the same philosophy after eight years. Juggling keeps my hand-eye coordination strong while also being good for the brain. It’s one of those pastimes where the advantages almost seem unreal.

Thankfully, such advantages aren’t overstated. It’s difficult to find an athlete who doesn’t desire to develop or retain his hand-eye coordination. Perhaps more significantly, it is a sport that players can participate in from anywhere. It won’t get in the way of your lifting or sport-specific workouts. Juggling a few balls will never cause anybody to get uncomfortable or tired.



There are juggling balls designed especially for juggling, but I’ve always used baseballs or tennis balls to begin started. A short example is shown below.

Juggling balls against a wall may also be beneficial. For this version, I like racquetballs. Because the racquetballs will bounce rapidly, you must respond quickly as well. Many novice jugglers will be shocked at how different juggling balls against a wall is from juggling in the air.

There are a plethora of helpful lessons available online for learning how to juggle. The link below takes you to one of the sites that I originally mentioned in 2007.

Tutorials for Wildcat Jugglers

I recommend beginning with a simple three-ball cascade and working your way up from there. Even a few minutes of warm-up practice will pay you in the long run. As you gain experience, you may incorporate juggling into other activities. In between bouts of heavy lifting, for example, I’ll often do some juggling. It may seem strange, but I like testing my coordination when I am tired.

As a young boxer, I was always taught that doing well while you are fresh is simple. My coach instilled in us the value of giving it our best even when we were tired. As I moved from player to coach, that mentality stayed with me. Whether you’re fresh or tired, I’ve always emphasized the necessity of keeping your composure and abilities. One easy method to reinforce this concept is to juggle between sets of exercises.

Drills Not Included

It’s worth mentioning that juggling is just one of several exercises that may help you improve your coordination. I made a video in 2012, which you can see here. The variants you’ll see in the Youtube video won’t cost you a penny, just like the clips above. Almost anyplace is a good place to practice the exercises.

In conclusion, developing hand-eye coordination will help virtually every athlete. One of the simplest ways to make this procedure go more smoothly is to learn to juggle a few balls. You’ll have a talent that you can practice anywhere after you’ve learned to juggle. And you may always aim for more harder versions in the future.

“The worst of all flaws, I might add, is not to be aware of any.” Thomas Carlyle (Thomas Carlyle)

The how to improve hand-eye coordination for driving is a question that has been asked many times. Juggling is an easy way to improve hand-eye coordination.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you improve coordination juggling?

By practicing juggling.

How do you drastically improve hand-eye coordination?

This is a difficult question to answer. I am not sure what you mean by drastically improve hand-eye coordination?

What activities promote hand-eye coordination?

Some activities that promote hand-eye coordination are playing sports, painting.