Throwing Stones vs. Throwing Sandbags


Throwing stones is a popular sport that requires skill, coordination, and strength. However, throwing sandbags is also an effective way to improve your health. Which do you think will be more beneficial for your health?

The throwing heavy bag is a technique that can be used in sports to increase the momentum of an object. It is typically done by throwing sandbags or stones.

I just published an essay on a science-inspired sandbag drill. As previously said, I got the concept for the exercise after reading a translated handbook by Yuri Verkhoshansky, a late Russian sport scientist. Throwing a large sandbag again and over will simulate some of the physical demands placed on combat sports like wrestlers. It’s a physically demanding exercise that requires just the right amount of rashness and tenacity. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a sandbag for the drill. As a result, many readers have inquired as to whether the same drill may be done with a heavier stone.

Throwing Stones


For example, beginning at the 35 second mark in the video below, you’ll observe a series of stone workouts. One of my favorite outdoor exercises is throwing a stone back and forth.

While tossing sandbags and stones may seem to be identical, there is one significant distinction. Aside from the apparent differences in form and feel, sandbags are considerably more forgiving if you lose control due to tiredness. It’s not the end of the world if a sandbag lands on your head. Stone is much denser than sandbags.

You’ll notice how I toss the stone away from my body if you keep it in mind. I’m basically tossing the stone as if it were a medicine ball to the chest. Despite the fact that the stone is heavier, I continue to push it out and away. As a result, if I lose control, pushing the stone away from my body to prevent harm is considerably simpler.

I can be much more careless with the sandbag since I don’t have to worry about being hurt. I don’t have to stop at pushing the sack outward. Instead, I can toss the bag backwards and over my head with ease. I can also push myself farther without fear of collapsing beneath the bag due to exhaustion. Losing control of a sandbag suspended over your head is not the same as losing control of a hefty stone. The latter has the potential to be deadly. The sandbag won’t make much of an impression (I say this based on experience).

Comparing Apples with Oranges

This article isn’t meant to imply that sandbags are preferable than stones. When it comes to strange things, as I’ve already said, I’m a huge lover of diversity. After all, one of the most appealing aspects of odd object training is that no two are same. Each item presents a different difficulty.

It’s just as essential to choose the appropriate instrument for the task. If I’m pushing myself to total failure, I’d rather utilize a sandbag as a conditioning tool. If you fail with a hefty stone, nothing good will come of it. As a result, if I’m tossing stones, my attention will be drawn to strength and power. To ensure that each exercise is of high quality, fatigue will be kept to a minimum.

You should choose a lighter stone or do a stone carry if you want to utilize stones for conditioning. Carrying a hefty stone is a fantastic finale. You may also just drop the stone in front of you if you ever lose control of it. There’s no danger of it falling on top of your head.

Last Thoughts

To summarize, it is important to train hard, but it is also critical to train intelligently. We are meant to get stronger and more robust as a result of exercise. Select the appropriate tool for the task to ensure that this may be accomplished without putting you at danger of harm.

“Pick the proper tool for the task, not the other way around.” — Colligan, Paul

The brute force sandbags is a training exercise that involves throwing heavy objects. Throwing stones would be a more efficient way to train.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is sandbag training effective?

Can you get ripped with a sandbag?

No, you cannot get ripped with a sandbag.

How do you throw a sandbag?

You throw it by lifting it up in the air and then quickly throwing it down to the ground.