3 Reasons You May Be Getting Migraines

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At first you may think it’s simply a headache that’s more intense than usual. Then it gets to the point where you feel like you might even vomit. There is a distinct difference between a regular headache and a full-fledged migraine. Unlike a regular headache which is a mild pain, a migraine is a throbbing overwhelming sensation that leaves some people incapable of doing anything other than laying down and closing their eyes.

If you’ve been getting migraines lately, then chances are you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. The first step is knowing why you’re getting them. Here are some of the possible reasons why you might be getting migraines and what you can do to put them behind you.

1. You’re a Female

Source: pexels.com

Unfortunately, statistics show that women are significantly more likely to develop migraines than males. So, if you’re a woman then this could be why.  Although the reasons may vary, in most cases migraines may be linked to hormones. You should talk to your doctor about different birth control methods that you may want to consider that may help use your migraines or get rid of them completely.

2. You’re Stressed Out

If you lead a very stressful lifestyle between work, family, and your personal life, then this could be what’s creating your intense headaches. It’s important that you notice what your triggers are. If you realize that your headaches come on after an extremely stressful moment, this could likely be the reason why you’re getting migraines.

Try to limit the amount of stress that you expose yourself to, and when you start to feel yourself stressing out, remove yourself from the situation. If this averts your migraine, then you know that the likely cause of your migraines is due to stress.

3. You’re Not Sleeping Enough

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Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It does more than just make you feel rejuvenated in the mornings, it can actually affect your overall physical well-being. It’s important that you get at least seven hours of sleep a night, and in addition to the quantity of sleep, the quality of your sleep is also important.

If you’re frequently waking up, or grinding your teeth at night, then this will lead to an unrestful sleep. Make sure that you sleep in a quiet and dark environment on a high-quality mattress. Not only will this make you less susceptible to migraines, but you also find that you’re more focused during the day, and less likely to burn out.

These are just a few reasons why you may be experiencing migraines. By talking to your doctor, and eliminating each possibility one by one, you should be on your way to wellness in no time.