Dan Gable’s Home Gym

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Dan Gable is a former collegiate wrestler and professional wrestler. He was the first person to win an NCAA Division I wrestling title as a freshman, and he won two Olympic gold medals in freestyle wrestling.

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Dan Gable was one of the most dominating athletes in history. However, he wasn’t simply a great wrestler. Gable’s supremacy led to a successful coaching career as well. His wrestlers won 15 NCAA team championships while at the University of Iowa. Dan Gable has to be at the top of the list when it comes to athletes and coaches to study.

If you’ve never looked into his history, the documentary below is an excellent place to start:

Dan Gable is a world-class athlete and coach.

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Many people are shocked by how simple Gable’s training method was. There was no sophisticated periodization or cutting-edge equipment. The sole secret to Gable’s strategy was that he worked his tail off every day. He put forth the kind of effort that would shatter most guys. His accomplishments were not due to any one software or piece of equipment. Rather, it was the result of hard work and determination. He worked harder than anybody else. It was both his preoccupation and his passion.

You can see his home gym below, where he focused his enthusiasm. Simply seeing where Dan Gable was taught as a child may teach you a lot. Many people would be taken aback by the filthy surroundings. His accomplishment runs counter to much of what is promoted in the fitness business today. Gable’s gym was as basic as it got. There was no sophisticated equipment or programs used, just plain old hard labor.

No matter where Dan Gable trained, he was going to bust his ass. It didn’t seem to matter where he trained. That is a valuable lesson in and of itself.

“Every time I went to work, I became a bit better. I kept shifting the boundary back and forth. I was always a bit better when I left the gym than when I entered.” Dan Gable is a writer.