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Sandow Plus is a health and fitness app that uses the power of blockchain to reward users with cryptocurrency for healthy activities.

Many of the classic titles that were formerly accessible on the Sandow Plus website are included here. If you’re acquainted with my site, you’re probably familiar with Sandow Plus as well. I’ve visited the place many times since I believe in learning from the great legends who have gone before us.

The original Sandow Plus site was sadly shut down earlier this year due to the death of one of the webmasters. Fortunately, David Gentle has graciously agreed to host a large portion of the content on his website.


If you liked Sandow Plus, I strongly advise you to visit his website. Many of the older titles have been included, and it seems that the site will be updated with additional free content in the future.

You may also visit the original Sandow Plus site by clicking on the following link (at least for now).

Strength is nothing new, as I’ve stated many times before. Learning from great strong athletes from past eras is always beneficial. Long before supplements and performance-enhancing medications were available, these sportsmen accomplished amazing achievements.

Unlike many of today’s scam artists, old-school strength athletes walked the walk and accomplished achievements that would be appreciated in any age. If you want to learn about true strength, it’s always best to learn from those who have experienced it firsthand.

“Just keep moving forward. If you keep working at it, you will become better.” Ted Williams is a baseball player.