100 Burpees A Day

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The benefits of exercise are well-documented, but what about the health risks? Can too much exercise be bad for you?

The 100 burpees a day transformation is a fitness goal that will help you lose weight and get in shape.

The following is the tale of a lady who did 100 burpees every day for a year. This 40-year-old mother’s dedication is not only inspirational, but it has also resulted in a remarkable change. The before and after photos may be seen in the video that follows. At about the 4:55 minute, there is a side-by-side comparison.

After viewing this article in my news feed, I decided to post it on Facebook. I was shocked to hear from both of the people featured in the video after I shared it (see here). It gave me great pleasure to hear that they are former clients who were inspired by my materials.

But, more significantly, I was delighted to see another another low-tech workout regimen that had fantastic results. Nikki’s workouts may be carried out practically anyplace. Her change is a direct consequence of her dedication and perseverance. She didn’t need anything extravagant to fully transform her life.

The Standard Operating Procedure

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Here’s what Nikki had to say about doing the burpees in her routine:

“I did them most of the time in addition to my exercise. At first, I completed ten sets of ten. Occasionally, five at a time with just a few breaths.”

Nikki also claimed that she would time herself doing 100 burpees on occasion. Her best time was six minutes and thirty seconds. For anybody, that is a good time. Continually doing 100 burpees is no easy feat.

Burpees were also used in combination with other workouts and drills by Nikki. She was quite resourceful in changing up her job over the year. Despite the fact that she was doing the same exercise, she was able to avoid boredom by varying her technique.

She had a regimen that comprised the following:

  • Count to ten burpees.
  • Turn a big tire.
  • Jump in and out of the tire as needed.
  • Carry on with 10 more burpees.
  • Rep until you’ve done 100 burpees.

A weighted vest was used in another routine:

  • With a 20-pound weighted vest, do 25 burpees.
  • Half-mile run
  • Rep 4 times more.

Consistency is essential

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Clearly, the examples above are only a handful of Nikki’s many routines. Her innovative technique to burpees reduced the risk of boredom and mental exhaustion. Despite her focus on burpees, my gaze is drawn away from the fact that she did the same workout every day. Consistency and dedication are more essential than any one action.

While burpees were an essential component of Nikki’s regimen, her success was ultimately driven by the fact that she was held responsible for a specific amount of work each day. Nikki knew there was work to be done every day when she got up, and she held herself responsible for it. And if she had to skip a class, she would make it up the following day. That alone should be enough motivation to get the job done now rather than later. As a result, Nikki was not only constant, but she was also present. She didn’t think about tomorrow since she had stuff to accomplish now.

Unfortunately, the fitness industry seldom emphasizes that kind of dedication. Many of the game’s major players overlook the intangibles that can’t be packaged and marketed. Selling equipment, memberships, and supplements will always be more profitable.

Burpees and Beyond

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If you go back over the archives of this site, you’ll see that there are a lot of weight loss tales that have nothing in common. One guy, for example, dropped more than 100 pounds by jogging alone. Another guy dropped more than 200 pounds through cycling. Others have lost weight by doing calisthenics and lifting weights. Each tale demonstrates a distinct method to training.

What these tales have in common is that each person decided to be consistent. There were no longer any intervals of idleness. Finally, each employee committed to go to work ready and eager every day. What eventually leads to success is the cumulative impact of such hard effort and persistence. What matters more than what you choose to accomplish is your desire to stick with it as the days and weeks pass.

Last Thoughts

To summarize, I’m not telling you this tale to get you to do burpees every day. Instead, ignore the details and concentrate on what matters most. Nikki is a fantastic example of dedication and perseverance. Her desire to hold herself responsible on a regular basis is something that we can all learn from.

If others have failed in the past, she hopes that her example will encourage others to make similar adjustments.

The 100 burpees a day for 2 weeks is an article that explains how you can start to exercise more. It will help you stay motivated and get the most out of your workout routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is doing 100 burpees a good workout?

Doing 100 burpees is a good workout, but you should not do it every day.

How many calories do 100 burpees burn?

100 burpees burn approximately 287 calories.

Can you get ripped from burpees?

I am not sure what you mean by get ripped from burpees.