Physical Education From The Past

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Physical education in the past was a form of exercise and physical development. It was also a way to pass on the culture, traditions, and values of one’s society to future generations.

The physical education before and now is a blog that discusses the history of physical education. It discusses how physical education has changed over time and what it was like before it became as popular as it is now.

The video below features an early physical education curriculum from California’s La Sierra High School. You may be shocked by the physical capabilities of the youngsters in the video when you watch it. Many today’s youth are unaware of the incredible physical power that was often shown in earlier generations. Strength is nothing new, as I’ve stated many times before.

By clicking the picture below, you may view a relevant story from a 1962 magazine (courtesy of this site).

As I viewed the movie above, I couldn’t help but wonder how many high school kids nowadays could pull off feats like those shown. Call it a hunch, but I’m thinking it’s a small proportion. Today’s youth choose to play computer games rather than engage in physically demanding activities. Physical education has even been eliminated from the compulsory curriculum in several schools. And, although I could easily go on a tirade against our educational system, I will abstain from doing so.

By concentrating only on the physical abilities of these teenagers from the 1950s and 1960s, there is more than enough to complain about. Many of today’s youthful trainers and self-proclaimed experts spend their days debating minor points of health and fitness. You recognize the kind. They spend their days quoting studies on three field mice to conceal the reality that they have never taught anybody and can’t accomplish anything even remarkable. They’ll spend the whole day scouring the PubMed database for evidence to back up their newest claim.

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Meanwhile, we may reminisce about a simpler period fifty years ago. Long before today’s supplement-filled fitness culture, the young guys shown above flourished. These people didn’t waste their time debating rep ranges, supplement stacks, periodization models, or workout equipment. They thrived on the fundamentals. They put forth a lot of effort. They stayed steadfast.

The outcomes of their strategy are straightforward. Physical growth has always been based on hard effort and a focus on the fundamentals. While many people become lost in today’s sometimes complex and conflicting fitness environment, others stick it out with a basic but difficult strategy. They aren’t distracted by little things. They don’t let analysis paralyze them. They labor today, always ready to return tomorrow and work even harder.

Although I doubt that our country will ever see a physical education program like the one shown above, we may benefit from their approach. A basic workout regimen may be extremely effective for the ordinary individual. The program’s details are generally less important than the individual’s willingness to invest in it. A person who is extremely motivated and consistently puts out a genuine effort will succeed in virtually any endeavor.

Don’t get caught up in the specifics, and don’t be misled into thinking you’ll need all of the answers right away. Begin with the fundamentals and gradually add to your repertory. As long as you continue to put in the effort, the results will follow soon enough.

“Those who pride themselves on their complexity and mock others for their simplicity should understand that the truth is often not difficult. It’s avoiding the truth that becomes complicated.” Sowell, Thomas

The history of physical education is a blog post that discusses the history of physical education in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is history physical education?

History is a physical education class that teaches students about the past.

What is physical education before?

Physical education is the study of physical activity and health.

What is physical education in ancient times?

Physical education in ancient times was a type of exercise that focused on the development of strength, speed, coordination, and stamina.