What Happens if You Work Out on HCG?

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There are numerous fad diets that help individuals in losing weight rapidly and in that list the most famous one is the HCG diet. It is believed that you can lose easily up to 0.5 kg to 1 kg in a day by following HCG. It involves supplements or injections of Human Chorionic gonadotropin, which is a hormone developed by the placenta when the woman is pregnant to provide nourishment to the fetus. You have to follow a strict protocol of eating only 500 calories in a day.

The exercises that require a lot of effort are not suggested to be done while you are on a HCG diet. It is because the calorie intake is very low when you are following this eating regime. If you do strenuous exercise, your body will shift to starvation mode, which is not what you want. It further slows down your metabolic rate which is not good for your weight loss journey.

While you are strictly following the HCG diet, you are refrained from doing intense workouts but you can do any low intensity workout like walking, stretches, and yoga. Even if you are doing low intensity exercises, ensure that you are not spending too much time on it. You should not extend your workout session beyond 20 minutes.

How does HCG diet work?

What is HCG and how does it actually work? HCG works pretty quick as a weight reduction supplement. It is accessible in different forms such as pills, drops, injections and sprays. Among every one of its forms, injections are viewed as the best as you can infuse it in your muscles straightforwardly.

Scientists have observed that there is practically no association with getting slim by these supplements. Just the strict low-calorie diet plan assists one with shedding pounds. They likewise say that assuming you take an extremely low-calorie diet every day for a few days or months, you will wind up losing the perfect proportion of fat.

Such a diet plan works in three distinct stages. Each stage is planned extraordinarily to eat recommended food sources to set off its outcome. For the principal phase of this eating regime, you are allowed to take as much fat and protein as you need. This is the phase of groundwork for the second stage or the primary and weight reduction stage.

In the subsequent stage, you are strictly restricted from devouring any high calorie food. You have to eat more vegetables and grain in this eating regime. However, you need to ensure that you are only consuming 500 calories per day during this second stage. The last stage is basically the maintenance stage which is vital for you to follow. If you can’t keep up with this phase appropriately, you will put on additional weight toward the day’s end. Thus, be cautious in this phase if you are following the HCG diet plan.


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  • The HCG Diet is organized splendidly – even the blueprint looks amazing. It has three stages, as explained above, and each stage has a reason and cycle joined to it. A clear calorie consumption amount regardless of original weight, stoutness, and so on creates an appeal to individuals who are disciplined and used to following strict guidelines. Indeed, even the hormonal supplements are explicit in number.
  • The biggest advantage of following this strict eating regime is that you are able to lose weight rapidly within a short time span. You are allowed to intake only 500 calories per day during this diet, which helps in losing weight quickly. However, according to the research there is no connection between HCG and weight reduction. The reason behind the fast weight loss is only the low-calorie intake according to them.
  • If you are determined to lose weight, then it will be easy for you to follow this diet plan as it does not require any special food sources unlike other diet plans. You are suggested to eat vegetables and grains in this eating regime. Apart from this, the HCG supplements are also easily available at various clinics associated with weight loss.


  • The greatest advantage of the HCG diet can likewise be the greatest drawback. Assuming you adhere to an ill-advised diet that makes you lose an excess of weight in a short time span, you have to deal with issues like cardiovascular breakdown, kidney failure and other stress related problems. You need to have a special medical supervision while following this diet plan because of the health risks associated with it.
  • While you are on HCG, you have to strictly avoid eating dairy products and other high fat and protein containing food sources. Due to this, your body will not get the proper nourishment that it requires. Human body needs such nutrients to lead a healthy life.
  • Everyone acts like they have become an expert just by gaining some knowledge about the fad diets. The issue is that the HCG diet has an impact on the functioning of your body, which can be incredibly unsafe for short-term and long-term health conditions. The downside is that improper guidance about the HCG diet gets spread around because many individuals are attempting to benefit from it. You should only take advice from a professional if you are planning to go on such diets.
  • When you are on a strict diet, you are restricted from consuming your favorite food. Such a low-calorie eating regime will lead you to starve or experience serious hunger. It may further lead you to suffer from headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

To Sum Up

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Nowadays, people are determined to change their unhealthy lifestyle into a healthier one. For obese people, losing weight can be tedious process. To lose weight fast, people adopt fad diets which restrict your calorie intake per day. One such diet plan is HCG but it should only be followed under some expert guidance because it also has various drawbacks. Check out the above pros and cons to know more about it.