Homemade Neck Harness

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A homemade neck harness is a great way to exercise your neck muscles. It’s also a low-cost, easy project that you can do with materials around the house.

A homemade neck harness is an easy way to get relief from pain in your neck. The neck harness flexion is a strap that helps with the pain in your neck by pulling on the back of your head.

Several individuals have asked about the harness shown in the entry after reading a recent article on neck training.

My neck harness is built from scratch. In terms of design, it’s comparable to the harness I spoke about a few years back (see here). I’ve built around eight harnesses in the last five or six years. During that time, I’ve tweaked the design a few times. I’ll go through those modifications in more detail below.

Availability in the marketplace

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Before I go into detail about my handmade harness, it’s important mentioning that good harnesses have gotten more affordable in recent years. The only good commercial choice when I built my first harness cost about $80. With minor loads, the less costly versions were prone to breaking. In less than a year, I had a boxer break three harnesses.

Fortunately, I’m beginning to see more robust harnesses in the $40-$50 range. However, because of how many athletes I’ve had wear them, I still prefer the handmade harness. I’d rather build one for a few bucks than buy many models for $40 to $50.

Design with Harness

I still utilize chain and pipe insulation in the basic design. I start with a quick-link connection that links a piece of chain to itself. The resultant chain loop will ultimately wrap itself around the skull. It’s critical to make this loop slightly bigger than your head while making it. These harnesses do not have any adjustments. When pipe insulation is wrapped around the chain, it will not fit if it is cut too short. I’d rather have a little larger harness than one that is too tiny. If you wear a hooded sweatshirt and/or a winter hat, you may still utilize an over-sized harness.

I attach rope to opposing links on the chain after constructing the chain loop. Each side’s rope will ultimately link to a length of chain that will be used to attach the weight. A small length of lashing strap is also attached to the top of the harness. When the harness is on, it acts as a head strap to keep it from sliding down the back of the head.

I put pipe insulation around the chain after the rope and straps are in place. For the rope and head strap, I cut tiny holes in the insulation. The pipe insulation is then wrapped with duct tape.

After that, I attach a chain to either end of the rope. A spring clip connects the two sections of chain. After that, all knots and connections are covered in several layers of duct tape. As a consequence, you’ll have a sturdy harness that can handle a lot of weight.

I cover my head with a towel or wear a hooded sweatshirt and/or a winter hat while wearing the harness. The additional layer has two functions. It not only adds comfort, but it also allows for a more secure harness fit.

Neck Exercises

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In terms of training, I usually combine the harness with other neck workouts, such as the resistance band motions I showed before.

Last Thoughts

Finally, there is no better example than George Chuvalo when it comes to neck strength and its importance. Chuvalo fought 93 times in his professional career as a heavyweight and never was knocked down. He fought the likes of George Foreman, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and others.

Chuvalo explains his iron chin in the video below.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” as the old adage goes. – Franklin, Benjamin

The iron neck knock off is a homemade neck harness that can be made by anyone. This is an easy way to make your own neck support for people who are experiencing pain in their necks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you train your neck without a harness?

You can do a few things to train your neck. One thing you could do is to use a resistance band and hold it in the air and then slowly lower yourself down until you feel a stretch in your neck. This will help with strengthening the muscles around your neck. Another way is to stand up straight, put your chin on your chest, and focus on breathing deep into your stomach.

Is it safe to use a neck harness?

I am not sure if this is safe but it is a personal decision.

Does neck harness build traps?

Yes, neck harnesses are designed to build traps.