Inexpensive Speed Bag Platform


Inexpensive speed bag platform that can be used for fitness and martial arts training.

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In a previous post, I demonstrated how to construct a low-cost sandbag loading station. A speed bag platform may be simply added to the same platform that was used for loading.

All you have to do now is add a 22-inch piece of 3/4-inch plywood. Small strips of 24 inch wood will be used to attach the plywood.

Since the initial entry in 2009, you can see how the bottom has altered. There was just one piece of 24′′ in the center of the platform before.

You’ll want to add some weight to the top of the speed bag platform while utilizing it. As you hit the bag, the extra weight will assist to reduce shaking.

This platform’s height may be readily changed for small children. There are no restrictions on how low you may set the platform. I’ve always thought of the speed bag as a more fun bag, so it’s great to be able to lower it low enough for my kids to play with it.

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The free standing speed bag platform is an inexpensive workout tool. It is a free-standing speed bag platform that can be used to improve your hand eye coordination, agility, and reflexes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a platform for a speed bag?

You do not need a platform for the speed bag.

Can you use plywood for a speed bag?

Yes, you can use plywood to make a speed bag.

How much does a speed bag platform weigh?

A speed bag platform weighs around 7.5 lbs.