Homemade Gymnastic Rings

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Gymnastic rings are one of the most basic pieces of equipment for gymnasts. They are used to do a variety of skills, including handstands and cartwheels, as well as conditioning exercises like pull-ups and dips.

The gymnastic rings alternative is a homemade gymnastic ring that can be used for the purpose of training.

Here’s a new video lesson in which I show you how to make a cheap set of gymnastic rings.

The rings were made from 1 inch PVC and flat nylon straps, as described in the instruction (each 15 feet in length). Strapworks.com was used to get the straps.

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The moto cam clasp on each flat nylon strap enables for fast and simple length changes. At strapworks.com, the moto cam buckle is more durable than the regular cam buckle. Each improvement will set you back less than a dollar.

Handles made of PVC are simple to manufacture. The grips on the gymnastic rings are 23.5 inches long. Â A smaller set of handles was also developed that may be used with a suspension trainer. A few photos of the process are shown below.

To begin, cut two equal pieces of PVC. After that, I recommend sanding the ends to smooth down any rough edges.

Duct tape will be used to close one end of the PVC pipe. The PVC will then be filled with sand.

To hold the sand in place while the PVC is heated, cover the remaining end with additional duct tape.

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Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius). Then, on a baking sheet, put one piece of PVC. Allow 10 minutes for the PVC to heat up (the area should be well ventilated with fresh air).

Finally, using oven mitts, remove the PVC and quickly form the handles. For a few minutes, you’ll need to hold the handles in the correct form. To get the circular form, I wrapped the full size ring handles around a paint can.

Finally, remove the duct tape and pour the sand out. Although some duct tape may be attached to the ends of your PVC, this will not affect the functionality of the handles.

The diy gymnastic rings reddit is a DIY project that allows users to make their own homemade gymnastic rings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a gymnastics ring at home?

You will need a piece of wood that is long enough to be able to stand on, a circular saw, and some screws.

How do you make a calisthenic ring?

You can use a rubber band and do a pull-up.

How gymnastic rings are made?

Gymnastic rings are made from a metal wire that is then wrapped in rubber.