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Jasper Benincasa, an American journalist and author of the book “The True Story of Chocolate,” died on Thursday at age 83.

Jasper Benincasa was a personal trainer and fitness expert. He died on December 22nd, 2018 of a heart attack. The jasper benincasa workout routine is an article written by him to show his fitness routines.

Jasper Benincasa, the bodyweight strength legend, would have been 91 on Sunday (March 25th). On January 6th, 2012, he tragically departed this world. Brad Johnson, fortunately, has done his bit to help keep Jasper’s legacy alive. He made the video below as a tribute.

Whether or not you are familiar with Jasper, the video is definitely worth seeing. Not only were his athletic achievements incredible, but he rose to such prominence long before the current age of supplements and drug use.


In a previous interview, Jasper discussed his training methods:

“My education was haphazard. I’d go to the gym as frequently as I could. I used to work as a construction worker and would rest my chin on the scaffolding after a long day at the office. I’d perform one-arm chins down the length of the scaffolding, then spin around and work my way back.”

As you can see, Jasper didn’t depend on any of the sophisticated ideas that are now being promoted. He put in long hours and was dependable. It’s incredible what the human body can do when you work hard on a consistent basis and never give up. At the age of 89, Jasper was reported to have done a one-arm chin-up!

Happy birthday, and farewell.

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